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Strategy is a high level plan to accomplish a specific goal which is usually needed under conditions of uncertainty or when there is an excessive number of possible ways to achieve the goal. The term came into use in the Roman Empire referring to the science and art of military command applied to the overall planning and conduct of large-scale combat operations. Only about 200 years ago, strategy started to be used to refer to the art or skill of using stratagems in endeavors such as politics and business.

For a company in the construction sector or similar, having a business strategy translates into having a long term plan of action to achieve the fundamental goals of sustainable growth of the business and improving the performance of the enterprise, which will guarantee the long term prosperity of the organization. Without a strategy the management has no roadmap to follow, and the long term existence the business is threatened.

BSM assists companies in establishing and implementing good strategies for their business, with a hands-on approach. BSM not only provides consulting, but also management and development services to companies in the construction sector and adjacent activities such as infrastructure concessions, industrial works and renewable energy.