Mission & Services


BSM was founded by leveraging on the extensive experience of its president and relying on a network of co-workers to assist companies, especially in the construction sector, to plan and implement those strategic initiatives that are fundamental for them to grow in a sustainable and healthy way, to diversify their business, thereby improving their competitiveness and ensuring their longevity.

Typically, there are two profiles of companies that can benefit most from the services offered by BSM. Firstly, companies looking to establish themselves in North America or to expand their activities in this part of the world will directly benefit from our services. Their expansion strategy may be based on the acquisition of local companies, and/or joint-venturing with them, participating in bids, and/or starting up new business units, offices, plants, etc.

In addition, BSM also advises and assists small to medium local specialty or general contractors in developing their business, companies that want to look at the option of a possible sale/merger in the short or midterm, or to participate in larger projects in Joint Venture with larger companies, or to diversify activities by establishing new business units, or to create corporate procedures and culture because of the growth of their organization.